The site comes from a personal idea. My grandmother’s was a EVO producer,  struggling to find buyers. Likewise I who lived in Germany saw exorbitant prices.

Hence the idea of ​​creating a portal that combines demand and supply in a geolocated way with the aim of:

  • Create a clear map of producers by area
  • Give the opportunity to know who buys in a certain area
  • Provide a platform that allows a correct sizing of manufacturers and buyers
  • Create a direct link between those who produce and sell, leaping the distribution chain
  • Create a site that is understandable to everyone, cutting down the language walls


  • Register your company
  • Enter the products by specifying the contact information, certifications, technical cards, videos etc and so on
  • We automatically translate your content into 8 languages ​​and instate them into search engines
  • Explore the map to see who is interested in your products through the sales or search listings of manufacturers and contact them directly

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